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Mi Casa Es Su Casa Properties expertise includes acquisitions, development, construction management, property management and asset management.


Mi Casa Es Su Casa Properties is responsible for acquiring the right communities. Prior to acquiring a community, we spend an extensive amount of time sourcing, underwriting, and conducting due diligence of potential communities. We believe the acquisitions process is part art and part science but ultimately our goal is to strategically acquire the right communities.


Mi Casa Es Su Casa Properties is consistently looking for landsites for its ground-up development communities. Our experience with the transformations of our value-add communities has enabled our team to invariably learn how to efficiently, effectively, and functionally design a welcoming community for our residents. Mi Casa Es Su Casa Properties is looking forward to enhancing our portfolio with our future ground-up development brand.

Construction Management

Mi Casa Es Su Casa Properties is responsible for the construction management of all its communities. It has managed the renovations of 2,184 units with a budget of $24,621,699 to date. Our founder obtained a Bachelor’s in Construction from University of Houston with 15 years of experience in the industry. Mi Casa Es Su Casa Properties has partnered with skillful subcontractors and vendors which allows the extensive construction process to run smoothly, complete renovations on schedule and on budget, and provide the least amount of inconvenience to our residents.

Property Management

Mi Casa Es Su Casa Properties partners with third-party property management companies. Depending upon the needs of the community, we choose the most compatible property management company to work very closely with us to create vertically integrated partnership. This partnership allows us to execute our business plan smoothly, on time, and on budget with all of our partners.

Asset Management

Mi Casa Es Su Casa Properties asset management division believes that the fun is not over once renovations are completed. On the contrary, we are just getting started by having fun collaborating with our construction management division, property management partners, and consultants in order to continually create a welcoming home for our residents. Our team will work closely together to constantly improve the community, tenant relations, amenities, maintenance, marketing, pricing, operations, value, performance, and risk management of the community.

What you don’t know can be your greatest asset. -Sara Blakely

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