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About Us


Mi Casa Es Su Casa is a Spanish expression of welcoming meaning “My house is your house.” At Mi Casa Es Su Casa Properties, we take that expression to heart which is why our mission is to create a welcoming home for our residents.


What We Do


Create a welcoming home by acquiring, redeveloping, releasing, and rebranding apartment complexes.


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Fernando Zamarripa

Founder/Chief Executive Problem Solver

Fernando is responsible for sourcing, underwriting, general oversight, and project management of new acquisitions. In addition, Fernando is charged with leveraging his construction management experience in order to manage the completion of the communities. Fernando is fully committed to maximizing investors returns by combining his acquisitions and construction management skills to execute the business plan of each community. 

Prior to founding Mi Casa Es Su Casa Properties, Fernando served as a Director of Acquisitions and Project Management, Director of Asset Management, and Vice President of Investments. In his career, he has acquired, renovated, and asset managed over 2,184 units in the Houston, Dallas, Atlanta, and the Charleston MSA. He has acquired $55,917,492 worth of apartment deals, renovated $24,621,699 worth of apartment deals, and participated in $215,857,492 worth of total deals in his career.

Fernando graduated from University of Houston in 2006 with a Bachelor’s degree in Construction Management and earned a Master’s degree in Real Estate Development from the University of Texas Arlington in 2008.

Fernando is dedicated to his community by serving on TIRZ #21 Hardy/Near Northside as a board member, and ULI Houston Small Scale Developers Council. In his personal time, he loves to explore cities, train in Jiu Jitsu, and inspire others.



Chief Pet Operations Officer

 Indy is responsible for pet operations at Mi Casa Es Su Casa Properties. His mission is to create an exceptional pet-friendly environment including identifying the best pet areas, inspecting pet wash stations (even though he’s not a big fan of baths), and securing the property to create a community that benefits all of our pet residents. In addition, Indy is charged with leveraging his strong sense of smell to choose the right locations for pet trash stations at the communities.

Indy was adopted from a rescue center so he understands the importance of a welcoming home. His mission is to make sure we create a safe, clean, fun, and exceptional community for our pet residents.

Indy graduated from Rover Oaks Pet Resort’s obedience training program. Indy loves chewable toys (all toys are chewable according to Indy), peanut butter, and belly rubs.

At the end of the day, we can endure much more than we think we can. -Frida Kahlo

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