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5504 La Branch

5504 La Branch is a rebranded 17-unit boutique community that was transformed into a Luxury A complex from a C- complex. At the outset, the complex had not received any renovations since 1988 and had a laundry-list of maintenance issues. The community was a total reconstruction including the not-so-sexy reinstallation of new copper wiring, PVC plumbing, installation of new central HVAC units, and insulation. As for the sexy part, the interior of the units were remodeled into a open concept with new shaker style cabinets, granite countertops, stainless steel appliances, washer and dryer connections in each unit, new plumbing fixtures, and full-wall shower tiles. Not only was it an attractive renovation, it was also a fully functional community for our residents.

We’ve always tried to do something that creates a point of difference in our projects. -Gerry Hines

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